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Month: September, 2006


That’s all I gotta say

Robots will Take your Sovereignty

I just can’t stop with the Youtube posts. Maybe it’s some strange desire to distance these quality videos from the stink of YT. All those worthless uploaded videos wasting space and bandwidth on servers in Palo Alto. sheesh.
When I saw this next one I immediately thought of silly little children who we don’t realize can grow up. One day we laugh at them for their tottering and unlearned mannerisms… the next day they control us and torture our babies in exchange for a nation state in Osaka, Japan.
It could happen.

The Famous ‘Little Superstar’

Bringing you the greatest of YouTube on an extremely irregular basis.


And some more indian goodness:Tamil song Ilamai itho itho from Sakala kalaa vallavan Singer SPB Music Ilaiyaraaja

Three Dali Videos

Some of Dali’s craziness in video form: please note the cat.

And Here’s a much longer short film by Dali and for the ‘Guilde Internationale du Disque.’ It’s called Un Chien Andalou.

This last one is a commercial for Lanvin Chocolate. This one’s the best. And I saved it for last.

Writely – The Web Word Processor is coming soon

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