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Jonathan Michael Foerster [art]




Dean Foods / Brands [graphic]

Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 6.10.49 PM

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Also don’t Miss the Elephant Journal’s thought piece on Dean Foods !

Only EVERY NOW AND AGAIN does a site designed with white text on black really work. Check out the new to see one of the few well-executed examples of this dangerous practice.

MSword font defaults are setting the font defaults of the USGov [typography]

As predicted, the default fonts set in MSword are spreading across the governments of the world…

images from “Recovery through Retrofit” pdf by the Department of Energy. Indicated fonts are Calibri and Cambria, the defaults set in Microsoft Word 2007.  Both supplants of the time-honored Times New Roman.

Standouts from 111 Minna’s Book Arts & Zines Exhibition

111%20Minna%20GalleryBelow are the standout paintings/drawings from the recent Book arts & Zines Exhibition, shot with an embarrassingly low rez phone. Hopefully more will appear under the Flickr search ‘minna+zine‘ soon::

IMG00116-20090904-2344  2009-09-04 at 23-44-41IMG00115-20090904-2327  2009-09-04 at 23-12-02IMG00114-20090904-2312  2009-09-04 at 23-06-44

Friday, September 4th @ 111 Minna Gallery
Book Arts & Zines Exhibition
DJ Sets by Vin Sol, Honey Soundsystem DJ’s, and Pickpockit (Donuts)

Characters for wearing, by Robinson [t-shirt fire sale]

Picture 8

My good old friend Robinson is one of those guys who can put pen to paper in an afternoon and make something like what you see here. Imagine having this on a shirt for 10 bucks…. You really can’t beat that.

He just started an etsy shop @ where you can grab one of these for your bod. Take a gander. I got this one:

He’s also a contributor at ‘The New Orders

New new fresh fresh: [design / photography]


Freshly launched, Cassandra Jenkins DOT com

Tone Matrix + Audio Tool [audio interface]

Just imagine an interface, and make it so…

Interactive Museum from Nicolas Loeillot on Vimeo.

Here are two samples from the range of audio tools online. The first is simple, (tonematrix) and the second is far more complex (Audiotool). Please check them both out, but imagine for yourself what you would like to do someday online. Someday you WILL…. (more…)

Web Trend Map [data vis]


Web trends‘ put out by Information Architects (.jp) is always a treat. Their map of the movers and shakers of the web are laid out like the Tokyo subway with a surprising amount of dimension: rank, reliability, site type, and key figures…. The layout is currently in final beta stage, so head on over there to yell at them about placing Yahoo as a subsidiary of Google, and to kindly inform them that is IMDb not IMDB… Here’s some enlargements from the above graphic because not everyone has a 80inch monitor. (that’s not to say I do) (more…)