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Thai Funk [music]


You’re listening to: Kod Hang Kam – The Circle of Karma. If this inspires you to go to Thailand, check out all the songs that may soon appear in Soul Sides’ mixtape: Pass the Sriracha: Soul, Funk and Psych from the Asian Diaspora here.

If you need more, slam here.

(Pictured are ‘The Impossibles‘)

Randalph, Geoey, & Tommy [radio play]


A web-u-drama about the significant sandwiches in our lives…

Listen here: Randalph, Geoey, & Tommy

Written, Produced, and Performed by James Patrick Roehl [msg]

More James below:

Beatle Barkers [song]

Covers of Beatles songs as performed by Dogs, Cats, Sheep, and Roosters:


Beatle Barkers – Obla di obla da (mp3)

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