Spring Break Headquarters: Poughkeepsie, NY???

Sometimes I feel like I go to a rockalicious school. Friends of friends in the east tend to visit this place for their Spring break like birds fly south for the winter. The size of the campus doubles, the cafeteria is always packed, and my once close-knit community is shattered by a strange thing: new faces wearing their college sweatshirts (not on their faces). It makes me wonder what a huge state school would be like. Everyone must be so strangerly to one another when there’s thousands and thousands of schoolies. It sure makes me love this place. Cheers.
jonah and lizaOn the same tone of enjoyable spring-time fun, I’d like to personally pleasure the internet, but more importantly, the Freshman of Vassar College with a taste of Founders Day. Last year Moneydick Productions had a great public relations extravaganza with high quality t-shirts and stylish beautiousness on a fine Mayday known as Founder’s Day. I offered some meticulously hand-crafted t-shirts for sale, and surprisingly they sold out. If you’re wondering, I will be selling shirts once again, so stay tuned. The design will look something like this (the first one). To relive the gloriousness and spark some wide-eyed anticipation for those who missed it (Crew, Freshman), and to taunt those who will miss it again this year, here’s a photo album from last year, May 5th, 2004.
BUY ME. I'm A CHEAP PIECE OF SHIRTNew Project: I’m in the process of starting a “Film Festivus for the Rest of us.” This is based on the notion that not everyone makes Sundance Film Festival quality movies, and that the internet is in need of a place where the amateur+digitally-based film-maker can showcase their talent to the world. The system will be based on torrents, run from this site, and will have a voting doo-da and all the other necessary widgits and wedges that are required to make a film submission and rating system/festivus. If there’s anyone out there who wants to help with coding, logistics, or any sort of assistance, let me know. If not, I’ll find a way. In the meantime, take a look at the Sundace Internet Films site, cause it’s really hot. Especially check out this Flash-type winner: How To Bow
Here’s Some more goodies to appease the rest of you(us)
It’s called Graffiti Playdo. You can tag a virtual wall with advanced life-like painting tools. It lets you draw masterpieces.

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