Google Maps and Cobra Snakes

number 1Stop doing whatever you’re doing. Check out Google Maps. Throw down your address, and then click on ‘Satellite’ in the upper right hand corner. They just added that feature. It used to be only a street map service… Google style. Play around with it a little bit. Directions, finding restaurants in the map area you’re in… they thought of everything. Well, that’s not entirely true: people are dreaming up more suggestions.
And for a special treat, here’s my favorite place in the world.
I’ve got a buddy who started up a website where he posts pictures of parties he goes to. It began as, and it contained simple photo albums from Los Angeles’ indie-scene hipsterish parties and concert images… and some other random festivities he engaged in. It’s now I remember one time he was at an art gallery, and he must have drank a lot, because he took home someone elses camera. Too bad someone saw him, because it had some great pictures with Ben Stiller on it.
So anyways, he’s been taking thousands of pictures and gettin all up in the famous, infamous, and generally facey faces to see how they look in website form. So check him out. Here’s an interview of him from some random website. And here’s a better one.
Oh, and did I mention he’s got a column in L.A. Weekly?

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