Drug Survey Results for Vassar College

Drug Survey Results for Vassar College are in:

“Dear Vassar Students…

We would like to mention that the survey represents a significant
portion of the student body given that 44% of you completed the survey.
Congratulations! This is nearly double the responses we have received
in the past.

Here are some of the highlights of the survey results:

… 62% of Vassar students do not smoke cigarettes
… 21% of Vassar students average ZERO drinks per week
… 41% of Vassar students have never used marijuana
… 64% of Vassar students use marijuana less than 6 times per year
… 96% of Vassar students have never used ecstasy
… 50% of Vassar students never binge drink (5 or more drinks in a 2
hour sitting)
… 89% of Vassar students have never driven a car under the influence of
alcohol or drugs

Finally, while 69% of you believe your fellow students drink 5 or more
drinks per week, in reality 56% of you drink less than four!”

There ya have it.

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