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Tim talks about Spiders, Male order brides, and what he would do with a million dollars….


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I met this guy on the street the other day named Tim. He told me all these things that blew my head right off. Being the internet-type, I told him to write a blog to get his words down. I’ve heard a lot of things outta mouths in my life, and I can guarantee that this man’s got nothing but emerald rubies spewing from his.
So here’s his blog. It’s really easy to remember: MONEYDICK.COM/TIM
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Oh look, his first post!

WoW! Life is fuckin sweet. Only if you have the right perspective. Some people lose knowledge from television and some people gain from it. I try to look at like as an extreemly long playing telivision show. At some times there are commercials, those are unimportant feeling time that may or may not inflouence your life. There is also the main show- interaction with your friends or people you don’t even know. Sometimes its not even an event or anything its just pieces of enlightenment that are reached at the most random times. The point is that life can be a comedy, horrer, drama, action, or whatever the fuck you want. Just modify your perspective so that it is more broad and allows you to see more of the picture. Then again i could watch telivision on a television, the question is who is inflouencing “my mind” or the actual “television show.” Knowledge is power.
————Tim JiGGer


I packed my bag today: 41 pounds. It doesn’t feel heavy, but I worry that for the budget airlines’ baggage weight restrictions I’ll be dangerously over their max tonnage. I fit all my gear into a Gregory pack (Whitney) and I’m using a Jansport (Solstice 33) as a daypack. I’m going to have to get rid of some stuff as I fine-tune what I need and what I don’t.
Because planning a European vacation is something no one should do alone, I got a couple books to help me out: Rick Steve’s Europe through the Backdoor and ‘Rick Steve’s Best of Europe 2005.’ I’ll probably accidentally loose one of these huge books, or give it to someone down the road because they’re like two Bibles, except with more maps.

I’ve been collecting addresses and emails of folks I hope to see when I’m in Europe. Because my plan so far is so flexible, It’s not easy yet to make dates that are too specific. My loosey goosey itinerary is this:
London: September 18th. Two weeks
Go North to York
And bus up to Edinburgh
Ferry to Copenhagen
Or Get some more UK time in Dublin
Oh damn, I feel like hanging out in Rome now. £15 plane flight gets me there like a sack of oranges
Damn Rome is cold how about some
Amsterdam in December…. and so on and so on.
I honestly couldn’t say that I’ll ever leave London. But I should.
In honor of the times to come, please check out this culturally-charged music video.

In a couple days I’ll be swimming in a spring-fed pond in Dover Plains, New York. And I’ll be visiting dear Vassar soon as well.

And so you see, to old V.C.
Our love shall never fail.
Full well we know that all we owe
To Matthew Vassar’s ale.

Gmail for Troops, and the Irish Boondoggle

Here’s a Charming Story about a 15 year old Irishman who got a Gmail Invite the only way he knew how:

I had a shitty hotmail account, 2mb’s large, Gmail had just come out, everywhere I asked people hadnt gotten or had already given away their invites. I got desperate. I tried my damndest to find sites that where giving them away, swap sites, all wanted something for their invites.
I stumbled upon this gmail invite spooler for American servicemen abroad and began to form a plan to get a much sought after gmail invite for free. This was a while before the auto spooler at isnoop.net was working.
The forum was small, just started, only a few posters, nothing much. You needed a military email, that would be the hard part.
First I changed my msn profile. I used my hotmail account to get the invite, it was xachariahsan@hotmail.com, this is because xachariah was taken and I just added san. I changed the name from plain xachariah to xachariah sandelson which is in no way close to my name. I changed my age, 15 was a little too young for the armed forces. I changed my country, Ireland is a bit of a deal breaker, I removed my picture and I added an occupation, Strategic Assault Co-Ordinator or Ground Assault technician, either one.
It only took one post to convince a girl to hand over her last invite, I dont know the exact contents but it went along the lines of:

“My name is Xachariah Sandelson and I have been in the military for a while and have encountered a problem I know you guys could help me with. I’m a senior technician a little overwhelmed with the amount of attachments my family has sent me as my wife loves making and sending videos and pictures of our children. Watching them I could forget the pain of being posted in a far off land.
The attachments where large, and even though the military offered a not disrespectable amount of memory in total, I regularly went over it. They deactivated my email account and I was forced to get a different service, so I chose hotmail. I immediately regretted it. This was only last week or so.
It’s only 2 mb, which isnt enough room to keep those family photos, movies, and emails. I need a bigger mailbox to receive those files. I will be happy to take any spare gmail invites.”

An hour later I was the proud owner of a gmail account, I discontinued the use of my hotmail account except for MSN Messenger and reinstated my previous changes back to normal.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this post on their frontpage is the synthesized version of that initial plea:


Japanese Dancing Robots

Because I major in ‘Science Technology and Society,’ I should have some desire to understand the Japanese models of scientific inquiry, their superior system of ‘lean production’ or some other wordy academic-sounding thing. As it turns out, I love their robotics, and especially how they demonstrate their advancements. Here’s a beautiful video of some knee-high robots dancing like knee-high school children from the Quian Province on a breezy Monday afternoon.

click here for more vids

Holy Traffic

moneydick webstats aug 05I used to be a real web nerd stats troll. To translate, I had a bad habit of almost daily checking the latest statistics regarding moneydick.com’s worldwide visitors. To be completely honest, this would excite me, and in a strange way made me feel like I had 300 thousand people coming through my house each month.
Besides the quasi-emotional feelings, I also felt like I had an audience to impress and work for. If 3 thousand Japanese businessmen were seeing my site each week then surely I had an obligation to throw up some crap onto my site. It didn’t matter what it was… they were lookin’ and downloadin.
For a wee history lesson, Moneydick.com was “farked” after being online for only a month. This instantly sent me 25,000 hits within a day, and 9,000 more trickled into that one page over the next couple weeks. After a ‚Äúfarking,‚Äù my site had a continued barrage of unexplainable hits. From then on, I was freakin hooked. I logged the average farker’s location on this page.
As I slow down my website upkeep, I find myself checking the stats once again. As I was amazed back when I was getting thousands of hits a day, my new obsessions is with the volume of data that’s pouring out of my current server. In the month of August I suffered 258GB of outgoing data! This is not to say my ‘visits’ or ‘hits’ are suffering. I received 10,090 visits last month, and 131,115 hits. If I was a site devoted exclusively to video, this would be ok… but I’m a random crap collector, an antiques dealer of the net… my crap isn’t even fresh!
But the punchline of this post is this: I passed the 1 terabyte mark! The world has downloaded 1,000 Gigabytes of my crap! I’m currently at 1,392,981,894 KBytes = 1,392 Gigabytes. Gimme a kiss, sweet electric goddess of internets!


you tube youtubeI hope you’ve heard of Flickr… THE place to share photos. It blows webshots, yahoo photos, and your mom right out of the water. I’ve been using it for a while. You could probably guess my username…
Well there’s a new Flickr-like service for Videos called YouTube. You can join, and upload your videos for free. It’s ad-free for now, and all videos are in Flash format so it should work for most of you. The service works really well and lets you post videos on your own website. If you click below, you’ll see what I mean…
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Oh man

ahhh I’m a little overwhelmed by all the places in Europe worth seeing. I’m torn between the limitless attractions within each country and the goodness of, you know, all the other countries.
I want more pastoral than city time, more cultural than historical, more hiking than shopping, more hostels than hotels, more people than places… to put it lightly there’s a metric ton of doing I want to do, and endless considerations regarding those doings. The planning I’m doing right now is meant to provide me with options when I’m there. For example, if I find myself developing a castle fetish, I’ll know which budget airlines I’ll be using to hop from dungeon to dungeon.
Yippee doodle

Launch Photos

Because I don’t know the story behind these photos, I’ll just tell you what I know: These are F-15 fighters airborne on July 26th, 2005 before and during the launch at 10:39am ET.
It seems that this news story shows F-16s patrolling also. Well, where were the aliens?