Holy Traffic

moneydick webstats aug 05I used to be a real web nerd stats troll. To translate, I had a bad habit of almost daily checking the latest statistics regarding moneydick.com’s worldwide visitors. To be completely honest, this would excite me, and in a strange way made me feel like I had 300 thousand people coming through my house each month.
Besides the quasi-emotional feelings, I also felt like I had an audience to impress and work for. If 3 thousand Japanese businessmen were seeing my site each week then surely I had an obligation to throw up some crap onto my site. It didn’t matter what it was… they were lookin’ and downloadin.
For a wee history lesson, Moneydick.com was “farked” after being online for only a month. This instantly sent me 25,000 hits within a day, and 9,000 more trickled into that one page over the next couple weeks. After a ‚Äúfarking,‚Äù my site had a continued barrage of unexplainable hits. From then on, I was freakin hooked. I logged the average farker’s location on this page.
As I slow down my website upkeep, I find myself checking the stats once again. As I was amazed back when I was getting thousands of hits a day, my new obsessions is with the volume of data that’s pouring out of my current server. In the month of August I suffered 258GB of outgoing data! This is not to say my ‘visits’ or ‘hits’ are suffering. I received 10,090 visits last month, and 131,115 hits. If I was a site devoted exclusively to video, this would be ok… but I’m a random crap collector, an antiques dealer of the net… my crap isn’t even fresh!
But the punchline of this post is this: I passed the 1 terabyte mark! The world has downloaded 1,000 Gigabytes of my crap! I’m currently at 1,392,981,894 KBytes = 1,392 Gigabytes. Gimme a kiss, sweet electric goddess of internets!

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