For Travelers: How to Absorb the City

Met an awesome brotha in Picadilly backpackers hostel in London a couple days ago. His name is Sasha, and he is most likely from a foreign country. Here he offers advice to not only the hostellers of London, but of the entire world. Follow along below if the video doesn’t work or you can’t understand.

All you there. This is for the people who are sitting in a fucking common room wasting their time in the best city in the whole world. Man this is real. My grammar is not perfect. I want to enjoy the atmosphere around here. I don’t want to watch ‘sex in the city’ it’s crazy! I am here for meeting people, for partying and not for watching TV.”
Transcribing is hard work.
London hostel
Sasha (Sweden?) in green. Chris on the left. Bianca on right, and Sarah with eyes closed (Both Toronto, Canada).
Amelia, Dan, Cathy

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