London Entertainers

Londoners are privy to the finest in street entertainment in every public square, most tube stations, and in large markets. Here’s a collection of some videos to show you just what I mean.
Thanks to Youtube for hosting. You’ll need the flash player to view these horribly pixelated videos.
1: Holborn tube station Sep. 22nd 2005:

click for
1a: More tube station fun. The sign says ‘Please keep your station tidy’. I thought it went well with the music:

2: Greenwich Market Sep. 24th 2005:

3: And the other corner of the market…

At that same market I saw the most hilarious hat lady in the world:
Hat Lady Extraordinair

One thought on “London Entertainers

  1. Fantastic! Capital ‘F’!! The videos make me smile quite a lot in rememberance of my precious months in foggy Londontown…. One of my favorite things about the city is the energy in the Tube on the weekends with the mobs of people out & about – the music adds a whole ‘nother dimension to Tube-life & watching people’s interactions with the musicians can be quite entertaining, to say the least. Especially after a pub crawl 🙂


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