Random London Images

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Regent’s Gardens

The Canal North of Regent’s Park (full size)
North of Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park (full size)
Regent's Park, London

At the Royal Naval Observatory, Greenwich
Royal Naval Observatory
Greenwich Back Streets

Waterloo Bridge, London

-Images lovingly produced by Autostich.
Graffiti on the South Bank West of Waterloo Bridge in London:

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The goods

What’s an Exit?


Welcome to the Imperial War Mus*BABOOM*

What London’s overcast mornings look like from 14,000 feet:

6 thoughts on “Random London Images

  1. Daniel, I thought you would like to know that watching your videos and viewing your pictures has successfully pulled me away from the joys of interpreting mass spectra, infrared spectra, 1H NMR spectra, and 13C NMR spectra hours after I should be asleep. You fucking bastard.


  2. Damn Danny your pics flow with excitement. You look like your having way too much fun over there. Keep taking flicks of some random tags that look good. I might know a few of them. The muncher is kinda well known. Kid37 might be around south london. Your site got me in trouble the other day at my work. The server thought I went to a porn site. haha. Too bad for the boss when he pulled up the site the only bare things he saw were robots with no clothes. Get a few blokes on camera for me dan!


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