York, England Tomorrow. Still in Brighton

My next destination will be York, at this hostel located at the center of this map.
I’m taking a Megabus to London, another megabus to Leeds, and then a 25 minute train from Leeds to York. I should arrive by about 7pm having left at 8:30am. I hope I don’t miss too many interesting places in between.

Up until a couple hours ago I was planning on going straight to Dublin using National Express’ bus/ferry service from London. I’ll most likely take that trip directly from Edinburgh, Scotland. I might as well do one Island at a time.

I’ve got a wee story to share from last night
Last night was the magnificent ‘Fresher’s Ball’ at the University of Sussex. Everyone who I was staying with in the dorm was going, but I decided to stay in due to the ¬£18 pound entrance fee ($37.73). Sitting in the kitchen eating spicy tomato flavored ramen-like soup, I became antzy so I decided to walk towards the pounding music to see what fun I could realize I was missing.

There were thousands of funtimers running about between 4 huge rented tents, each with their red wristband that I wanted so dearly. Some left early so I approached them, kindly took their wristband, and tried my hardest to reattach the thing correctly. I made it through the first 3 levels of security but the final security guard utilized her formal training in wristband forgery to the fullest. I needed another way in. It’s not only that I like dancing with the 18-24 British crowd, but that I realized I was locked out of my dorm since I was keyless and the dorm was empty when I left.
boom boom boomThe entrance security was trivial compared to the general boundary security. About every 20 yards a bored-looking 3rd year (sophomore-ish) type stood very solemnly inside the fenced area. Since I was now a memorable face at the only main entrance, I knew I had to do something drastic and stupid and it involved fooling these sentry goons, far away from the main entrance. I walked directly away from the entrance and made a wide circle to the rear of the fenced area to avoid being seen. The back of the dance area (the West side) was surrounded by a thin layer of forest which later opened out into a wide meadow. I crept along this narrow treeline, and scooted close to the fence with cover from low to the ground evergreens. The dance area was West of the Gardner Arts center on this map.
Most areas were well-lit by eery yellow parking lot lights, but I made my way on all fours to the darkest area and came up with a plan. The sentries needed to be diverted for just long enough so I could hop over the 7 foot fence and force myself through under the tent. The chain-link fence would be trouble. It was an erector-set rent-a-fence that I feared I would destroy if I tried to scale it. If I were to clear the fence, I would need to somehow get inside a circus tent where all the fun was being had.
I remembered a partial rock wall along the treeline behind me, so I scurried over to grab a rock, dragged it back, and waited to see how the sentries went about their business. I was tired of fearing the minor consequences of getting caught after about 5 minutes of watching, so I chucked the rock at a bit of the fence to the right of my entry point, waited for the weak link to become weaker, and jumped over the fence. My fence jumping made more noise then the rock, and I heard a ‘stop right there’ and a ‘hey’, but before I knew it, I was shimmying under the tent, shedding my dirty jacket, and blending into the thriving masses of overpaying students. After about 20 minutes of nervous dancing, I realized the student security guards didn’t care that much, and I had a wickedly evil time.
By the way, this never happened, and I pay my taxes.
Here’s a story about how serious Britain is about clubbing.
On another note, Japan loves me on this first day of October.

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