The Joys of Travel

There are few, to be honest, especially when you’re as budget-conscious as I.
I’ve gone up and down this bloody island for as much as most people pay for a movie. Megabus. National Express. Ryanair. If you combine these phrases three, megabucks will take you where you want to go. Here’s me sleeping on the bus from York to Edinburgh yesterday. My alter-ego (who is quickly developing) is responsible for the fine cinematography.

And this was my forward view the entire time. It was a quiet 6 hours.


One thought on “The Joys of Travel

  1. with any luck you’ll return to the states with this alter-ego having fully established himself and you’ll be able to start your own autobiographical film company and we’ll all be treated to feature-length documentaries that consist entirely of extreme close-ups of your eyeballs. i wait with bated breath.


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