Edinburgh and Plans

The sky is an eery shade of blue, and the rain just started coming down here in Edinburgh. It’s unusually warm for this late in the afternoon, and a steady breeze is coming in through my window that looks out onto the courtyard. Because of a very late night I slept until about noon today, then went back for another 3 hours of rest after eating some rice curry with tomatoes and ham: a medley of ingredients I’ve become used to at least in the past few days. Edinburgh is a dramatically different city from anything I’ve ever known. It has a population of about half a million, but I’ve been mostly around international students who aren’t Scottish. The city is a very harmonius blend of ancient buildings, new buildings with faux-aged stone, and completely modern office buildings. Here’s a picture that may show what I mean. If you hit the next and previous buttons at the top, you can see the entire Edinburgh photo gallery so far.

I just now finalized the next 2 weeks:
October 13th: Aer Lingus flight from Edinburgh to Dublin. Hostelling in Dublin for a couple days, then visiting the famed highlands for a good 4 days or so until the 20th.
20th: Train down south for a flight from Shannon, Ireland to Stockholm, Sweden. This will be my first RyanAir flight. It cost 7.52 Euros ($9.13).
20th-27th: Stockholm Hostel, with cheap 2day Ryan Air flights or SAS airline trips to Finland or Norway.

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