Edinburgh Photos

To see the entire gallery, click here. Click on Edinburgh, or take a stroll through the other cities.
You can also see photos I’ve put up on Flickr here.
And I’ve uploaded all my videos to Youtube here.
Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland
Mysterious Berries (rose hips, by George) at the Peak of Arthur’s Seat above Edinburgh
Crags in Edinburgh
The Crags, just north of Arthur’s Peak
Conehead, Edinburgh
On the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland
Aluminum Party
Forget the girls: notice the entire room is covered in Aluminum Foil
Edinburgh Castle
LovemeasIloveyou.com= Strange Graffiti in Edinburgh.
click here for videos

One thought on “Edinburgh Photos

  1. hey babe! how much did you love the crags? i love the name crag…its good times. i have video from the same place you took pics…thats so great. wish we were hanging out in a cave. haha. have fun babe!


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