Stockholm, Sweden.

Rainy and grey, but modern and funny. They speak like hiccuping Rabbits but the Swedes are a great group of folks.
Just finished my first day in Sveska, and I really like it! Very mysterious and awes??me. It’s as if all those early years of war and pillage brought the civilization to a pinnacle that helped them start a really loving friendly designhappiness-centered way of life earlier than anyone else did. The city is the vision of modernity that makes it almost seem like another planet.
Coming the 100km from Stavska airport into Stockholm, I felt like I was in rural Connecticut… the cars were finally driving on the correct side of the road, but the roads were very well lit and the only cars I could see were Mercedes and Volvos.
Here the pedestrians own the street, and cars give us the right of way even before we know we want it. Everything that´s not food is strangely expensive, and the price doesn´t divide down to anything manageable even though 1 Swedish Kronos equals .12 dollars.
I gave a platinum blond supermodel in the supermarket checkout line a 500 Kronos note for some groceries today. I got 400 back in stacks of 50s… just like monopoly, except the 20 Kronos notes have a man flying on a Duck–perhaps an homage to Hans Christian Andersen or something (if he¬¥s Swedish)
The keyboard I’m typing on has some letters like ?? ?§ ?ñ ?Ñ and the wonky ‚Ǩ.
All the streets end in garten, but what comes before that gaten is always very difficult to remember. Hornsgatan, Bondegatan, Skarholmens… my Hostel is on Rehnsgatan just down from the subway stop R?•dmansgatan. Fun stuff.

I met up with a couple girls who were in Dublin with me last weekend (Connecticut and Boston, if you were paying attention) and we managed to book the same hostel… we conquered the national gallery today. They’re taking the pictures and emailing me them later. I’ll post em later.

Lund, Sweden 25th
Train to Copenhagen 26th
Copenhagen to London on 26th
London to Rome on 27th till 4th?
Barcelona, Madrid… Copenhagen?

Amsterdam November 25th

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