Call Me Magnus, Stockholm

MEApparently I look like this guy. Magnus Norman, a Swedish tennis star… I was putting on my shoes and a wide-eyed man started speaking to me in Swedish. I said ‘Sorry, English?’ and he said he thought I was someone else, a Tennis player named Magnus Norman, and he had only asked me what I was doing in Stockholm.
The city is unbelievable, but it seems to close on Sunday and also drop in temperature by 10 degrees due to the fact that there are no vikings breathing the air around me. I got some addresses of some second hand shops today, and locations of a Salvation Army chain equivalent. I’m not much of a shopper, but I could really use a huge jacket. My fleece+windbreaker doesn’t quite work in this Icy Island archipelago city. The windbreaker gets brittle, and the change in my pockets freezes my pants off.

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