Rome and some blasts from the past

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Ancient Roman Forum
I know I’ve been falling behind on updates and picture posts especially, but today I put up about a 100 megs of photos into my image dump and I have some hours to sort out the next few weeks while entertaining the dwindling few who check this site for what they thought was exotic photos of exotic lands. To fill your belly with the bits of cities I’ve been through recently, check out Cork, Dublin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Rome here. I’m in Rome now staying near the dog and cat parks here , about 5 minutes from the Borghese Park.
Yesterday I saw the pope speak in his huge pope plaza filled with popeheads then strolled into the Vatican Church in the middle of a service after walking past all the pope tombs.
The food here is so good it makes me weep, but the best part about living here is the fact that I have an apartment and a real mattress to sleep on and the fine company of Boston College friends Hayley and Jen.
Its sad that I don’t know how to speak Italian, but I can easily get around the city and get what I need.
In case you were wondering what the place where Caesar was murdered looks like, it’s behind the gaiety found in this incredible image:

It doesn’t get much better than that.
In Stockholm (which has the best contemporary art museum I’ve ever seen), the leaps into artistic and design modernity fade into public places and sometimes make seep into the rivers:
If you walk down any street in Stockholm, you’re guaranteed to see three things. A beautiful copper-domed 6+ story building, an H & M store, a girl who should be a supermodel, and a hundred Volvos. Sadly this picture only has one. It is looking East on Hantverkargatan in Kungholmen, Stockholm.
Stockholm Sweden Street
After Stockholm I went across the new Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark (after stopping for a bit in Malmo, Sweden) into Copenhagen. It rained the first night I was there, but the sun shone brightly, the ducks quacked sweetly, and I was throughly wooed by the changing leaves, friendly Danish bikers, and warmer weather. This shot is on the walk from my Hostel towards the city center:
Copenhagen, Denmark. Rantzausgade
This palace I found in Copenhagen was so beautiful that the shutter opened just as I was keeling over from joy:
Here’s an old one from Cork. It takes a picture to really convey how upliftingly green the green isle really is:
Ireland, Cork
Every now and again my little DSC-P5 3.2 megapixel camera really captures all the colors I hope it does in a scene. This shot from a bridge in Cork, Ireland, looks West towards the ever-present low-lying hyphen-ated clouds:
Cork, Ireland bridges
With Halloween tonight, I hope to relive the magic I’ve only experienced in California so far. Hopefully this article doesn’t speak for Rome’s people.

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