Loch Ness and Drumnadrochit

The Loch Ness Monster Walking back from Urquhart Castle, a short walk from the town of Drumnadrochit, I passed a man who realized how foreign I was and told me he was the Loch Ness Monster. After a short conversation I realized he was pleasantly developmentally disabled and unfortunately was not a monster. We chatted about some random stuff–he said I was from ‘The City of Beautiful Angels’ after I told him my home is LA–but then his handler stole him away and told him not to speak to strangers. He was quick to confess his monstrous identity. I just wanted his jacket. And of course you must keep in mind that he had a strong Scottish accent.

I’m staying in Hiller??d, a small city north of Copenhagen in a Folk Skole. It’s an collection of one room apartments where American students (10) live with Danish post-high school kids (50) while they’re either beginning at a local college or still looking for what they want to do with themselves. It’s like a massive dorm attached to no school–a pleasant limbo between schools–with a kitchen staff that prepares the best food, fireplaces and tv rooms, and arts and craft basements for the long dark winter days.

Best Sunset yet: Barcelona, on top of Montjuic Castle.

One thought on “Loch Ness and Drumnadrochit

  1. hey hon. i really love your loch ness pictures. that castle is incredible…castles are so fascinating to visit. if you make it back to ireland you should go to the drombeaug stone circle…it is the most enigmatic, beautiful, isolated place. you’d like it. i miss the hell out of you and i hope all is well. 🙂


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