Bratislava, Slovakia

I am right here, where they talk like this:

?ërizte a cs?°sz?°ri ?©kszereket, amelyeket minden ?©vben egyszer ki?°ll??tottak a v?°s?°rt?©ren

It’s unspeakably beautiful as the snow has been coming down for the past few days. I never thought I would find myself in Slovakia but I’m glad I made it this far East. If my Eurail pass permits, I may make it to Turkey, but we’ll have to see.
I wrote buckets more about this place but all with the old fashioned pen. I’ll have to find an internet terminal to upload a picture the pages soon. Happy kwanza/Hannukah/xmas to all!
Vienna tomorrow, Prague on the 24th, then down to Italy to stay in Milan, Trento, then Venice for New Years!

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