Cold like Slovackian Icees

I decided not to overload my server hard drives again and just throw my pictures up on Flickr. You can find the grand total here, or you can look below for some glimpses. This sure beats flipping through my thousands of random shots, right?
My captions are above my pictures. Remember this. For this one, how about…
‘The Pirate outside that one fruit market in Bratislava’
The Royal Buda complex of luxor
Begging and Tourists on the Charles Bridge in Prague
Prague’s Castle Cathedral
A mean Greek face in Vienna’s Kunst Historich
A slice of Vienna’s Skyline
Unreal Stain Glass Colors in Vienna’s Central Cathedral
Vienna Sticker Art
The Most Photogenic Point of Bratislava Town Center
A badass Hungarian tribal chief in Budapest’s square. Notice the antlers on the horse.
The National Museum on the hill overlooking the Danube in Budapest
Train from Budapest to Bratislava… A striking pillar of red as the sun set.

One thought on “Cold like Slovackian Icees

  1. you’re too cute. and your hair’s grown a whole lot. how are you my dear? how was your new years celebration and your christmas? i hope it was swell. mine were both great. but this break just isn’t the same without getting to hang out with my danaba. hope you are doing well. i’ll have you know i only just changed my voicemail yesterday and it was so hard to do it. but i had to…people were annoyed and confused even though i loved it. hope you’re having loads of fun. call me sometime..that was such a lovely surprise. bye!


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