Trento, Italy

My flight was delayed coming out of Bratislava so had to spend another night there and was rescheduled for the next day on a Ryanair Flight to Milan Bergamo. That flight was delayed by two hours because of a bomb scare in Bratislava airport, so I actually came into Milan Bergamo at 11:50pm. Then I had to bus over to Milan’s central train station to find a way to get to Trento, caught a train in the the nick of time that switches in Verona (with a 3 hour stopover) then arrives in Trento at 6:30am. The only trouble was, the train station in Verano is not heated, so me and Rebert did the old Hobo thing and tried to live through the misery of 3 hours of freezing temperatures.
But the hostel was reached, the city is an alpine canyontown with peaks like Italian Half-Domes on every side, and it’s a sweltering 3 below freezing.
This makes me wonder what it’s going to be like using my ten trips on my Eurail pass that’s valid for two months. Perhaps I’ll get used to the bundled up hobo thing in the lobbies of train stations around Europe. We’ll see

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