Leaving Venice for Brussels

Since logging onto Globalfreeloaders.com, a website devoted to couch surfing travellers all over the world, I became very excited about the prospect of lodging for free all over Europe. It seems easy enough… write a personal profile and search by city. In Venice, for example, 10 responses came up. I emailed them with a friendly note saying I’ll be in town then and I’ll appreciate a place to stay, but no one responded. I’ve written perhaps 30 people all over Italy with pleas for a spot on their floor, but I’ve only heard back from 3. They either were not in town, or were no longer active on Global Freeloaders.
But I had luck in Brussels. I received an email back from a woman named Anne in Brussels who is letting me stay in her home for 4 days. She doesn’t know me beyond my paragraph introduction, yet she is opening her Brussels home for nearly a work week. Global Freeloaders was pissing me off for the past few months, but this should make it all better. Could it just be that the Italians are less down with the Americans? I’ll let you guys know how it goes.
There are actually many sites that let you stay for free with kind souls all over the world. Hospitalityclub.org, Couchsurfing.com are the other two I can think of. But almost exclusively I’ve been using Hostelworld.com.
Brussels tonight, then Bordeaux on the 8th. Granada, Spain and Rabat, Morocco after that. I can’t wait to wear sandals.

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