All Fixed


I managed to fix everything that was wrong, and ended up improving my publishing platform with the latest version of WordPress. It’s pretty slick, and now I can just send an email to a secret account that I set up and my server will publish my words in the split second it takes for email to get from one city in California to the next.
Tomorrow I’m going to St. Emilion, a city outside of Bordeaux, France known for wineries and a cozy middle ages stoniness.
The unplanned journey began in Brussels: I am now no longer booking way ahead of time my flights and hostels like a Rick Steves avid reader. I am proud to say unbooked and off the hook, with options before me, and a Eurail pass in hand. This makes life much easier as I can stay as long or short as I please wherever I am without having to cram a cities’ sights in at the last minute.
However, I’m worried this may make me lazy, especially due to the increase in sunlight I will be absorbing when I venture farther south to Andalusia, Spain. What will be become of me?
On another note, take a look at this corporate architecture mockery next door to the cathedral in Brussels, Belgium….

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