An Excerpt from Prague

Found this in the introduction¬†to ‘The Alsoran’, a local free newspaper in Prague. I think it’s hot shit, and I wish more people would talk like this. It speaks very succinctly what many wise travelers and locals¬†I’ve run into have been thinking.

Hey kids! Guess what time of year it is. Time for some fun, fun, fun. I hope everyone had a great time on the previous holidays and found the perfect costume to express their individuality. Monstrous things we chose to be. Who are archfiends really? Before you start reading this you should listen to Working Class Hero by John Lennon. the knaves of this world are not the boys strapping C4 to themselves, or the women taking over elementary schools, or the Buddhist Kamikaze pilots who said prayers as they flew their planes into a US warships. They are theocrats telling their disciples only in death will they find nirvana, the Catholic Father who sent young French boys through the Gates of Jerusalem, the mothers making their children work for people who use them, the fathers telling their children driving a metal box to work everyday until they die is what their life should be. The people that pilfer reign over the souls of this earth and use them towards their own empowerment and, more staggeringly, making them and their lives. These are the dastards.
Nothing has changed. People who punch keys on a plastic box are no different from those who spun textiles in factories 100 years ago, or any different than the person who drove a plow and horse 100 years before that. They were slaves then to land owners, dukes counts and kings. Now they are slaves to corporations, directors, presidents and CEOs. These quintessence give their lives to the ruse of having just enough money to live and a life beyond this. You cannot even spend the little you get the way you wish. Unless you go on a holiday to get a tan you’re not doing well enough. If you can’t buy a new car every 3 years, you need to work harder for someone else. That is what they tell you. Read the Guardian. It is all there, the trips to Malta, the New Renault. The promise of $50k a year that you need to equally divide amongst charity, insurance, bank mortgages, petroleum gasoline, pensions and Tesco. No one needs any of this. Soviets stood in line for bread. Capitalists stand in the same lines for brand name bread. Go to Carrefour if you don’t believe me. a suicide bomber is not an extremist (an extremist is a person with a strong opinion). They are nihilists adrift in a world looking or a reason why. But, there is no reason why. There is only you. The “absolutists” proselytizing that¬†only by ending their life will they find happiness are evil whether this is the 40 hours a week in a 6×8 cubicle for 25 years working for someone else or the split second it takes to blow one’s self up. I is the death of our essence and mind. We have a disability as humans. We need something to believe in. We search the globe. We search the fantasy of religion. Through all of this searching we forget to look the one place we can find the only thing to really believe in. We fail to look at ourselves. In this failure we are lied to by those around us and become their pawns, whilst they live a life of endless affluence. This is monstrous. People are educated just enough to type on a computer and write for a boss. If you believe in yourself and educate yourself¬†you will accomplish everything this life has to offer. Few are that brave. The indoctrination starts at a young age. It is often impossible to reverse the brain washing.
I believe in me. That is versimilitude. I believe in the love I share. There is nothing more to believe in. There are no countries. There are no religions. There is only us and this planet. We are beautiful creatures with beautiful minds. When you find yourself you will find happiness. I live in peace. I live in Happiness, I don’t need money to survive. I didn’t have to work 400 hours for another person to sail across the Indian Ocean. I just did it. Because I can do anything. I am me. You are you. Love your life. Believe in whatever you want, but believe in yourself first.¬†Do everything¬†anyone tells you is wrong, crazy or selfish. I have no reason to hide behind a costume of those whom I have been told to fear. Nor should you. Trust is only a state of mind.

the Publisher.”

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