My host just changed the control panel administration from Plesk to Cpanel and things were rather queer. While things were screwy I thought I would upgrade my version of WordPress to the latest. For one reason or another, it didn’t work, so now I have a very empty website. I have backed everything up so I don’t think anything is lost, but getting the two versions to work together is very frustrating.

It’s made even more difficult because of the fact that I’m working from a 5 year old Dell Laptop with only a trackpad. I’m in Bordeaux, France, and I’ve been working on this problem so long that when I stepped out of the apartment to get a bite to eat, I was quite surprised to find I was not in the US.

If you know how to work with PhpMyadmin or SQL tables and can help me solve this problem, I promise to name my first born son a name of your choosing.

For old Posts, click here. I was able to save the last 5 or so.

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