Portugal and Beyond

gar It’s high time for another assortment of favorite pictures (pictured on the right is a questionably PC bus ad in Copenhagen, Denmark). Though this image is not my favorite, it’s up there.

“Det er uhyyyygeligt” kinda translates to “It’s unpleaaasant” And it is from Lars von Trier’s miniseries Riget, or The Kingdom. Those two retards are awesome and kinda creepy :)Anonymous comment

Some of these I’ve never seen on screen as I tend to just automatically whip out my camera when I see something I want to see again. Each time I upload my pictures to this website or Flickr, I launch about 200 at a time.

I make sure to take out the images devoid of visual information or that contain images too explicit for my younger viewers. For the most part I don’t know what I’ve uploaded.

I’m at a cozy Internet cafe in Granada, Spain where I can sort and share some of these gems. Without further yipper yap, here they are in no particular order:
Angry Chinese Guard Statue

Chinese Guard in London History Museum

The Crags

Windy Crags in Edinburgh, Scotland

aluminum party setup
Aluminum Party Preparations, Edinburgh


The Best Shuarma (shawana shwarma?) I’ve ever had. Served by Habib at the Kebab King in Granada. Kebab con pollo picante pictured below:

The Kebab of all Kebabs.

The Escalera del Agua at the Alhambra gardens known as Generalife. The fountains and water displays the Alhambra was a braggable quality to even the richest muslim princes from arid nations in the good ol’ days.


The famed 700 year old cypress tree under which the Sultan’s (Habib Al-Sa) choice harem babe was caught in the act with another man. The calm reflecting pools RAN RED WITH BLOOD that fateful day in the sultan’s rage.

More goodies from the Alhambra Paradise garden. These are 15 foot high geometrically carved hedges tended by gnarled old men with scimitars.


Ridiculous Crowds on Rue St. Catherine in Bordeaux, France. This is the post-Christmas sales frenzy known as Soldes. I would walk down this street only when I didn’t want to understand a single word. My englishes are suffering.

Sunset in St. Emilion, France.


The consecrated earth of St. Emilion, France. About 2 meters below much of the dirt in this encient Roman wine land there’s a solid clay barrier that holds in moisture for those dry spells that makes the wine growers shed grape tears. Because irrigation is strictly forbidden for the top wineries, the structure of the soil is extremely important for a juicy grape and the more expensive juice rot that follows.


‘Casse Croute’ — a common farmers breakfast or lunch. Preserved meat (salami, pigs head, blood pudding, jerky-like sliced filet and pickels) lasts forever, but it was hard for this griengo to get down. The blood sausage was my favorite. Comparable to haggis I had in Scotland but tasted a little more like animal mystery.


Graffiti in Europe is a whole different ballgame. This is near the apartment in Bordeaux, France. Here’s more European Graffiti


Just another contemporary art exhibit disguised as a Brussels Subway stop: Belgium. If you have trouble making that out, that’s a mannequin just hangin out.

A Tintin Tribute mural near the Comic store museum in Belgium, Brussels.

One thought on “Portugal and Beyond

  1. “Det er uhyyyygeligt” kinda translates to “It’s unpleaaasant”

    And it is from Lars von Trier’s miniseries Riget, or The Kingdom. Those two retards are awesome and kinda creepy 🙂


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