New Mission Statement?

I’ve always tried to make this site different. When the site was still young and I would occasionally put up funny videos, I cringed to think that this website might someday turn into a ‘Funniest Home Videos’ on the net. There’s far too many of those.
I’d like there to be some serious resources on this website–information people can refer to and share with people. I’d like to somehow contribute with this website, so from here on out I’m going to try to balance advice and insight with entertainment.
Too often I’ve merely written: ‘Been here…this was fun…here’s some pictures…food was good.’ That only goes so far.
Because travel is what I’ve been doing for the past 4 months, it seems strange to me that I’ve failed to write more distinctly about the mechanics, philosophy, and spirit of travel.
I’m going to think on this a bit and see what I come up with, though off the top of my head I can think of a few topics I know I need to cover:

  • American Students Abroad
  • European Conceptions of American Politics
  • Tourism and the Industry
  • European Study Abroad Programs
  • European Political Self-Awareness
  • Drug Laws
  • Energy Use
  • Homelessness and Vagrancy
  • Exploring a Fresh City
  • Why the Australians are so Nuts
  • Guidebooks: Lonely Planet or Rick Steves?
  • Hitchhiking, Couch Surfing, and Trust

… well the list goes on. Maybe it was a little easier to come up with a list than I thought.
Because there are so many topics, I would really love to have some suggestions on something to write more specifically about. Specific questions would also work.

It’s surprising that more people don’t write comments. Almost 10k different people have read this site since I left the states. If you’ve got the vitamins just write in the box below or drop me an email @

One thought on “New Mission Statement?

  1. – Face-to-face; sign language and waving hello.

    – Traveling lite.

    – Photography — balancing shooting with looking.

    – Trains, plains, busses & foot


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