It’s Good to Be Bad

This travel blog thing just hit 10,000 visitors. It only proves the old American proverb evermore truthful: It’s good to be bad.


I’m in Lisboa, Portugal. Paris, France next. Strasbourg, France on the 5th of Feb. Whenever you thank a Portuguese man or woman for something, the answer is always: “Nothing.”

I’d like to use this space to thank the people of Europe. Via organizations like,, and, (websites that require systems of planning that I’m still getting the hang of) I’ve met the most incredible folks. Without them, coming into a new city would be always the same: A big dormitory filled with people all in the same place, wondering the same thing, and each just a wide-eyed transient surfing between the top 25 cities of Europe. I love hostels and the people I tend to meet in them. If you knew me you’d know I have no gripe about much anything–but there’s a sweetness to sucking the city knowledge out of a local.

But tourists traps are beginning to piss me off. Venice, Italy is the biggest tourist trap of them all. Beware of the dog shit too.

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