Lisbon, Portugal. To Grenoble, France on the Nextus

At the Oceanarium, the
Largest Aquarium in Europe

So I met a Meaghan in Bordeaux when I was staying with a girl I met through and she was like yo you should come to Grenoble because there’s haunted houses and alpine resorts and craggy climbing peaks every place your eyeball goes… so I says ya that sounds like a peachy keen idea and I’ll let you know and now that’s my next destination after the place I’m currently in which may or may not be Lisbon, Portugal where they’re not quite Spain (wishing they were Brazilian) but very colorful and happy and fun without all the snootyness of some Spaniards I met.

Without writing too many more periods, I will be hitting Strasbourg February 5th after Grenoble’s coldness to partake in goodness unparalleled by any soul.
I have uploaded so many good pictures that I nearly blew up the Internet, so check them out before it burns to the ground. CLICK HERE FOR TELEPORTATION TO LISBON.
The Portuguese scene is my favorite so far. Maybe I just like the fact that there’s no personal space and I can share pockets and food with strangers, but there’s also a familiarity to Lisbon, mainly the fact that it’s become a replica of San Francisco in many areas:


  • There’s a perfect copy of the golden gate bridge constructed by the same architects.
  • Trolly cars get people up and down the steep places, and many highly angled streets have steps.
  • The steep hills look out towards the water (and sometimes look out towards the Golden Gate bridge), like many areas in the San Fran bay
  • The art scene is off the hook.

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