Chronicles of Narnia Rap and Spoofs from Indiana and Santa Monica

Update: And now Natalie Portman wants some love: The Natalie Portman Rap. 153779_flag_food.jpg
I hope soon this hippity hop by the whities will all be over.

Since the extremely popular (NYC based) ‘Chronic {What] cles of Narnia‘ Rap on SNL by Parnell and Samberg there’s been two worthy imitations I’d like to share. The original aired a month ago or so and was spread all the hell around the net. It seemed some amateurs wanted in on the action and were also painfully offended by how cool NYC looked. Below are the two imitations I know about, representing their fine cities.

  1. Lazy Monday: West Coast Rap (Looks like Santa Monica, California)
  2. Lazy Muncy (Indiana) Rap (not redeemed by the cameo by Garfield’s creator Jim Davis)

Some of SNL’s digital shorts are worked on by the folks at The Lonely Island. If you liked Lazy sunday, you’ll like ‘Just 2 Guyz:‘.

Oh and here’s a must see music video that you probably haven’t seen unless you serve in the military. ‘Is this the way to Amarillo
You can also find poorly designed T-shirts to wear and impress your lame friends.

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