File Sharing: March 2006.

this is an old guide, so read it with a sense of history…

Yesterday’s world cost money. Today we just need to know where to look.

This is an update

Because I know the frustration of wanting every thing in the world right here and now, and not knowing where to start, I here present the

In this beginner’s guide, I’ll be showing you

  1. How to search your local network for shared files
  2. The remaining websites that distribute digital content
  3. How to painlessly share your files with your school
  4. How to set up a Hub
  5. Mac Solutions
  6. EXEEM (skip to this step if you’re lazy)
  7. Not Getting Caught
  8. Music and Movies the easiest way possible

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Google Needs to Slow down

I try to give my advice as often as I can. I really hope they listen to this one:


But seriously. If you look at the number of things that Google affects online, and the speed with which they release new and incredible tools that we just can’t seem to live without, you just want to walk up to their Mountain View Campus and start picketing.
For example: Google Adsense. They’ve already perfected search, but now they’ve perfected active internet ad targeting. If you’re looking at a page for (or searching for) dog collars, you have a dog collar ad to the right. I’ve been getting into the internet marketing business lately, and the schemes and tricks are ENDLESS. For example: There are keyword mispellers. If you’re marketing to people in Middle America who are fat, poor spellers, and would like to loose weight, you would put this keyword into your Adwords account: [wait loose] [wieght loss] [loose weighte]. You get the picture.

And now to make that sort of targeting easier, they’ve actually created a location-specific target! If you would like to market football paraphernalia to Laker fans, you would be foolish to target Chicago or Holland. They now offer a radius of impact for ad placement (in miles and km, of course).

The Internet Cracks me up

The internet blows me away! Too many people, too much time, and too much data. Some people think they can find anything, as I recently found when I checked some stats that this website automagically collects:

Friends at work

Let me draw your attention to #3. While I strive to make this website THE place for finding solutions to interpersonal solutions in the workplace, it seems my expertise in the field of ‘xxx p2p’ has overtaken that targeted audience. I’m working hard to improve the ‘Find a Friend at Work’ chapters of this website to compete with the quality of my ‘xxx p2p.’ In other news, I will now be misspelling all of my words to reach a greater audience.

Nigerian 419 Scammers, and the Scammers who Scam Them Back

A Nigerian Scammer Gets Scammed

Subject: KINDLY GIVE THIS AN URGENT ATTENTION I saw this one groggy morning in my inbox. Fine. I’ll give you an urgent attention. The next sentence in the email read: I’m contacting over my discovery about your love for charity and Humanitarian services. Oh. That’s nice. You’re one of those Nigerian Scammers I’ve heard about thinks I. Moments before I clicked the ‘Report Spam’ button on my Gmail inbox I decided it might be more fun to play along. Though the woman (or man) who wrote me asked for my nationality, sex, business phone and fax so she could quickly send me the $20 million dollars or so (allowing me to keep a co mission), I bluntly responded with: “My name is Johanne. Call me and we can take things from there.” I plan to record the conversation, so don’t worry.
I found some great ideas on how to scam the scammers at 419 Eater, a depository for info and email logs of various Nigerian scams. It’s a very impressive collection of scammers who are joyously messed with. Some crafty folks featured on this site request images of the of the scammer as a “security measure” making sure they hold up a sign with something completely ridiculous written on it. And from the site, the reasons why these scams happen in the first place:

Several reasons have been submitted why Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud has undergone a dramatic increase in recent years. The explanations are as diverse as the types of schemes. The Nigerian Government blames the growing problem on mass unemployment, extended family systems, a get rich quick syndrome, and, especially, the greed of foreigners.
Indications are that Advance Fee Fraud grosses hundreds of millions of dollars annually and the losses are continuing to escalate. In all likelihood, there are victims who do not report their losses to authorities due to either fear or embarrassment.

Youtube to Display Text Ads

Youtubead spaceThe violently popular and beautifully free video serving website will begin to show ads on March 19th (tomorrow) if [an advertising website] can be trusted. From this screen shot it appears that 1 day of sponsored advertising will cost a company $500 bucks. It’s a fair price, I would say. Their ‘ad zone description’ reads:

YouTube is the largest and fastest growing online video service streaming over 10 million videos daily.

I believe it. I remember when there were only a couple videos on it. I loved the service so much that I wrote an email in the ‘general contact’ area of the site. I love how it capitalized on such a simple idea and executed it so well.


I guess everyone needs to make some money. I can’t begin to imagine what their bandwidth bills are like.

Funny Spam tharee

The Spam emails are getting more infrequent. Either it’s my school spam filter doing better or my gmail is getting smarter. Most spam messages are absolute crap…99% lack any sort of originality or edge that sets them apart from the trash. But some are sent from high heaven for sure. And with this I begin another edition of Moneydick’s Funny Spam.

This latest one arrived from the lord of words like a pile of confusing on my porch this morn.

Subject: enjoy ur life now

Question, tired of having no doe left over every month or don’t want to
file for bank ruptcy as a way out. Well, that’s how it’s been for me and it
stressing. I’ve been overwhelmed in all this crap, well that was until I
stumbled upon When I visited with them, everything
changed..for the better that is.

The Viking Critical Library edition of Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the
Cuckoo’s Nest” is worth every cent of its price, not that. k for when the
individual’s self-reliance fails. An individual interested drama, for
example, can draw a great deal of pleasure, companionship, and artist

Kesey, that Merry Prankster of being, speaks from the grave like a benevolent ghost in the future’s cold hard shell.