Funny Spam tharee

The Spam emails are getting more infrequent. Either it’s my school spam filter doing better or my gmail is getting smarter. Most spam messages are absolute crap…99% lack any sort of originality or edge that sets them apart from the trash. But some are sent from high heaven for sure. And with this I begin another edition of Moneydick’s Funny Spam.

This latest one arrived from the lord of words like a pile of confusing on my porch this morn.

Subject: enjoy ur life now

Question, tired of having no doe left over every month or don’t want to
file for bank ruptcy as a way out. Well, that’s how it’s been for me and it
stressing. I’ve been overwhelmed in all this crap, well that was until I
stumbled upon When I visited with them, everything
changed..for the better that is.

The Viking Critical Library edition of Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the
Cuckoo’s Nest” is worth every cent of its price, not that. k for when the
individual’s self-reliance fails. An individual interested drama, for
example, can draw a great deal of pleasure, companionship, and artist

Kesey, that Merry Prankster of being, speaks from the grave like a benevolent ghost in the future’s cold hard shell.

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