Google Needs to Slow down

I try to give my advice as often as I can. I really hope they listen to this one:


But seriously. If you look at the number of things that Google affects online, and the speed with which they release new and incredible tools that we just can’t seem to live without, you just want to walk up to their Mountain View Campus and start picketing.
For example: Google Adsense. They’ve already perfected search, but now they’ve perfected active internet ad targeting. If you’re looking at a page for (or searching for) dog collars, you have a dog collar ad to the right. I’ve been getting into the internet marketing business lately, and the schemes and tricks are ENDLESS. For example: There are keyword mispellers. If you’re marketing to people in Middle America who are fat, poor spellers, and would like to loose weight, you would put this keyword into your Adwords account: [wait loose] [wieght loss] [loose weighte]. You get the picture.

And now to make that sort of targeting easier, they’ve actually created a location-specific target! If you would like to market football paraphernalia to Laker fans, you would be foolish to target Chicago or Holland. They now offer a radius of impact for ad placement (in miles and km, of course).

One thought on “Google Needs to Slow down

  1. I want to know how do these scammers know who to pick in order for them to be scamed. How do these scammers know if it’s not a policeman their scaming. I know these scammers are trained in what to say to the person their scam. I have gone on scaming sites and I read the lines these scammers use to these woman thats looking for mr. right because i do know they use the same words, Thats the give away who these scammers are. Who ever train these scammers didn’t do a good job.
    I think the law should take all these sorry scammers and put them where they won’t ever be scaming no more..How come these scammers get a real job instead of sitting on their lazy behinds scaming good decent people out of their money.


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