Google Video Picks and Loose Change – the Movie

Google Video has been filling up lately. Millions are uploading stupid videos of themselves turning into cupcakes: (30 seconds)

And some are even baking them. Then there’s the clips with a little more class:

Then there are AMAZING videos. If you’ve watched this far I congratulate you. A couple days ago I watched the 9/11 documentary to end all 9/11 documentaries. It’s called ‘Loose Change.’ It’s possible to refute much of the evidence in the film, but try to watch it with an open mind. It’s definitely no ‘Fahrenheit 9/11.’
I post this because I don’t think there will ever be a resolution to the truth, and we can never just settle on a half-truth and continue through history.

To make it easier, I pasted some goods from the bottom of the wikipedia article.


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