Because I saw my collection of panoramas was growing large, I thought I’d share em. Some of these are made with AutoStitch but most are with Photomerge in PScs2. Click gives larger versions and location info, but guess before you look.
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Facebook: Uses and Abuses

facebook I made a 5 minute primer minidocumentary on Facebook. I had a Canon Gl2 sitting in front of me one sunny day and decided to swing over to UCLA and get some facebook stories to share with the internet. I tried to interview a broad swath of characters and I think I ended up with a good image of the kinds of people who use Facebook for different kinds of things. Consider this a rough draft.

Not all are college students.

Some brought up comparisons with MySpace into their answers, so you can also get a taste of how people feel about the free for all profile swamp.

I had dreams of making a comic opus including tense interviews with collective theory sociologists on campus and with University Police to see if they scan facebook profiles (or if I could film a sting operation) but I’ll wait to see how this video is received.

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Length: 5min 31s. High Quality Download