Emo Article. Soon

Update now it’s alive: “The Emo


I’m nearing the end of my arduous journey through the mystical world of Emos. Someday soon I’ll have finished an epic exploration of that fascinating sidetable of humanity.

I’m writing this intro post just so I can somehow hold myself to actually finishing it. Soon. Maybe
It cracks me up, and I hope it will juice your goose too.

3 thoughts on “Emo Article. Soon

  1. DUDE! if you can finish that article sometime in the next 3 weeks or so PLEASE send that article my way. I’m planning on doing my final paper for my english class on the transgretion from punk to emo. The title is gonna be somethin like “How punk died, and has been tramppled by the new youth” That title sucks but it’s gonna be something along those lines. so yea… thanks



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