The Driving Habits of Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Two Stories:


It seems the doctors and psychiatrists of the Veterans Adminstration have a unique problem on their hands. In a recent meeting, the topic of the driving habits of recently returned veterans came up. The question posed to a weekly panel was:
“What are we going to do about all the veterans who find themselves driving down the middle of the street because they continue to fear roadside bombs?”
Good question.
Source: A VA worker.


From the NY Daily news:

An inmate with AIDS who tried to infect cops and a mental health worker with the virus by biting and spitting was sentenced yesterday to 13 years in prison for attempted murder….
Robert Murray, 33, was sentenced in absentia after he refused to show up in court, saying he didn’t want to appear in foam hand mitts, leg shackles and a beekeeper-style bonnet to prevent him from spitting at more people.


The Segway Problem

Onward, fellow tools

After frustration with cars, traffic, gas prices, and closed spaces, I’ve been riding my bike much more than usual. One blistery afternoon I took a spin up north through the Venice boardwalk to Santa Monica. Passing hippies, homeless evangelists, and a smiling black man with a sign that read “Give me $, support your local wino” I felt at home. But then I nearly vomited when I saw a man passing on his segway.
Being a techy, I can respect the advance that the segway has made in the stagnant field of personal mobility. I might like them if it didn’t seem like everyone who rides them are complete robots themselves. They feel so out of place… and dangerously so in a place like Venice.

Don’t get me wrong. Part of me wishes I could lean towards my destination while resolutely facing the robotronic future. But not in public.

The next time a segway driver hums past with a bright blue helmet, a goofy 4 year old ‘look at me mommy’ grin and pleated ‘I wank off at the golf course’ pants I swear I’m going to break a vow I took when I turned 10. That vow cannot be spoken for it involves evil deeds.