Solving Stonehenge’s Technical Questions

Using some clever tricks with stone-age materials, a crazy dude with a lot of building experience has set out to create a stonehenge equivalent. From the video, it doesn’t look like he’s aligning his 19,000 pound blocks up with any sort of astrological considerations.

And on a more serious note:
Get video codes at Bolt.

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

This is an historic day. The next generation of internet applications has arrived. Google’s battle against Microsoft has reached a feverous tremor!
Writely has been consumed into the Googleplex as ‘Google Docs and Spread Sheets.’ Google it, fool.

Skateboarding video Picks

Let me start by saying I have great respect for the art of skateboarding. Where surfing is the romantic athletic connection to the energies and movements of the natural world, skateboarding is the even more difficult connection to the unnatural world of ledges, curbs, and rails. In one world you can get way more hurt.
In this first clip, you get to see the art in its finest gritty form. The ‘Wetboys’ bring it in a ‘Way of the Warriors‘ contest:

The Way of the Warriors contest was inspired by the days where you and your homies would skate everywhere and do everything together. The days when the spots you skated were spontaneous, and the tricks were thought up moments before you tried them.

I don’t know the story behind this video, but I do know that they digitally edited the skateboards out after painting them green. It makes for a great effect.

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