2 thoughts on “P-141 – The Love Drug from the future

  1. Heya ,

    That’s a good list of links to bring anyone up to speed on Bremelanotide. It’s still under the radar for most people, probably because Brem is still in the testing phase & a year or two away from becoming available to buy, but it’s bound to make a huge splash once it’s on the market.

    I author the Bremelanotide Bulletin, which means I probably know a little more than the av-er-age bear about Bremelanotide, so I had to pop on here to say that SF Gate newspaper article about PT-141 (Bremelanotide’s initial name) you link to is a *little* over the top. 🙂

    i.e. Bremelanotide doesn’t make men or women completely lose their minds with passion.

    So using it along the lines of a date rape drug isn’t going to work, although I suppose it *might* push a “close call” into the lucky zone – ie. if a gal is on the fence about whether to hook up with a guy or not, and she can be convinced to take a spritz of Bremelanotide up the nose (just spraying it in her face probably won’t work. lol), then it MIGHT be enough for her to figure ‘what the hell’ and go for it.

    More specifically, the best way to describe Bremelanotide’s effects is to harken back to your hormone raging teen years. Bremelanotide seems to produce the ‘urge’ or arousal a teen might spontaneously experience while sitting innocently in science class… not that I know anything about that.. or walking down the hallway with a text book covering my nether region. LOL

    In other words, it *definitely* puts you into the mood to ‘get it on’, but a fat misogynous slob is NOT going to get any luckier with women using Bremelanotide, even if he *can* convince them to take a snort… although some other more appealing guy in the area MIGHT reap the benefits. 😉

    Good post!



  2. Thus, using the analogy of the date rape drug does not work, although I think she might poke * * “close call” in the zone of luck – that is. If Gal on the fence that connect with the guy or not, and it can persuade to take spritz of Bremelanotide in the nose (just spraying it in person, probably will not work. LOL), it may be enough for her piece “What feature “and click on it.


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