We are a Visual Culture: Videos from Iraq

Following are some clips from Iraq, but a little intro first: Though video for most Americans is the source for news, moments of unfiltered reality from Iraq rarely make it to our media-battered heads. The internet videos we may find on the topic of the Iraq war are most often ripped from a cable News show with very little ‘Iraq’ in it anywhere.
Luckily, a few websites have collected together first person Iraq footage from real people there–not reporters. These clips are most often filmed by U.S. Soldiers, but some are from infrared cameras in real military situations or visiting observers.
These can be enormously helpful in understanding the personalities, daily realities, and stories behind the often unmanageable top-level politics we’re force-fed on a daily basis. Thankfully it’s not yet illegal to post videos of war zones on the internet. It’s my hope that you keep those sound bites and jingoist terms in mind as you watch these videos, and keep these videos in mind when you next hear those sound bites.
LINK | LINK2 | LINK3 (graphic) | LINK4
And here’s some more:
Soccer with US soldier and Iraqi kids
Kids of Mosul

I heard a click on my cell phone line. I think I just made it on the FBI’s ‘liberal bloggers to watch list’
Here’s an intro to ‘Iraq Behind the Scenes’… it’s a video called ‘Iraq: The hidden Story’:

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