Popcombat’s Top 50 Music Videos of all Time

Popcombat is one of the many blog I wish I could read in my native language. Props to them for choosing 50 great music videos from 2006.
Here’s their intro:

Po nƒõkolika dnech usilovn?© pr?°ce v?°m p?ôedkl?°d?°m v??bƒõr pades?°ti nejlep?°??ch klip?Ø za rok 2006. V??bƒõr je ƒçistƒõ m?Øj subjektivn??, proto budu r?°d, kdy?æ zaujmete vlastn?? stanovisko a p?ôid?°te svoje tipy.

50. GOSSIP – Jealous Girls, d. Ollie Evans

49. BEIRUT – Scenic World, d. New York Noise

48. JOHNNY CASH – God’s Gonna Cut You Down, d. Tony Kaye

47. DJ UPPERCUT – What You Standin’ For, d. +Cruz & Shane Lester

46. VENETIAN SNARES – Szamar Madar, d. David O’Reilly

45. THE ALBUM LEAF – Always For You, d. Aaron Stewart

44. CRYSTAL CASTLES – Xxyxzcx Me, d. Lucy Stockton

43. XIU XIU – Boy Soprano, d. Jose Perez III

42. ASCII DISKO – Einfach, d. Marc Webb


40. AIDS WOLF – Spit Tastes Like Metal, d. E*Rock

39. MSTRKRFT – Easy Love, d. Sean Turrell

38. CORNELIUS – Fit Song, d. Koichiro Tsujikawa

37. ALPEN – Start Now, d. Nelson Alves

36. LIARS – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack, d. Julian Gross

35. KLAXONS – Magick, d. Saam

34. NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB – Ice Cream, d. Saam

33. WOLF PARADE – Modern World, d. Adam Bizanski

32. MATISYAHU – Youth, d. Marc Webb

31. YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Gold Lion, d. Patrick Daughters

30. SAUL WILLIAMS – Black Stacey, d. Andrew Gura

29. ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT – Dart For My Sweetheart, d. ABO

28. TV ON THE RADIO – Wolf Like Me, d. Jon Watts

27. BOARDS OF CANADA – Dayvan Cowboy, d. BOC

26. GNARLS BARKLEY – Crazy, d. Robert Hales

25. COLDCUT – Sound Mirrors, d. Up The Resolution

24. HALFBY – Rodeo Machine, d. Groovisions

23. PLAN B – No Good, d. Daniel Levi

22. WHITE STRIPES – Denial Twist, d. Michel Gondry

21. SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO – Hustler, d. Saam

20. THE SOFTLIGHTES – Heart Made of Sound, d. Kris Moyes

19. OK GO – Here It Goes Again, d. OK GO

18. THE KNIFE – We Share Our Mother’s Health, d. Motomichi Nakamura

17. THE NOISETTES – Don’t Give Up, d. Ollie Evans

16. KAVINSKY – Testarossa Autodrive, d. Jonas & Francois

15. MASSIVE ATTACK – False Flags, d. Paul Gore

14. SUBTLE – Swan Meat, d. SSSR

13. BECK – Cellphone’s Dead, d. Michel Gondry

12. JAMIE LIDELL – New Me, d. Aleksandra Domanovic

11. HOT CHIP – Over And Over, d. Nima Nourizadeh

10. TEA PARTAY – Smirnoff Raw Tea Commercial, d. Julien Christian Lutz

9. THE RACONTEURS – Steady As She Goes, d. The Malloys

8. VITALIC – Poney Pt. 1, d. Pleix

7. THE HORRORS – Sheena Is A Parasite, d. Chris Cunningham

6. CANSEI DE SER SEXY – Alala, d. Cat Solen

5. FATBOY SLIM – Champion Sound, d. Steve Glashier

4. ZERO 7 FEAT. JOSE GONZALEZ – Futures, d. Robert Seidel

3. THE THERMALS – A Pillar Of Salt, d. Whitey McConnaughy

2. JUSTICE VS. SIMIAN – We Are Your Friends, d. Rozan & Schmeltz

1. THE RAPTURE – Whoo! Alright Yeah… Uh Huh, d. Ben Dickinson

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