Massive Filesharing site to buy small nation…

piratebay sealandFrom

The Pirate Bay together with the ACFI have worked out a plan to buy the micronation of Sealand. Future citizens of this country can look forward to high speed Internet and the absence of copyright laws.

Sealand and its hosting company HavenCo have no regulations concerning copyright, patents, libel, restrictions on political speech, non-disclosure agreements, cryptography, restrictions on maintaining customer records, tax or mandatory licensing, DMCA, music sharing services, or other issues; child pornography is the only content explicitly prohibited.

On we read, “With the help of all the kopimists on Internets, we want to buy Sealand. Donate money and you will become a citizen and nobleman. It should be a great place for everybody, with high-speed Internets access, no copyright laws and vip accounts to The Pirate Bay.”

Worth a donation!

If they don’t raise enough money to buy Sealand they will try to buy another small island, and claim it as their own country.

The site is already so well mirrored that if it were to be raided in Sweden, its fail-safe system would ensure that it would only be down a half second.
For more information on SeaLand, visit Wikipedia.

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