Almost Yearly Statistics Roundup

Update! Moneydick is in the top 1 million websites in the universe according to Alexa.

Since we’ve passed the last year by and we’re now deep into 2007, I thought I’d reflect on the numbers. This is the first time I’ve ever seen any meaningful visitor numbers coming from African nations. Usually it’s only the random South African visitor who I care very little about. Gobi! Congo! Cameroon! Now we’re talkin. It seems the Japanese are still collectively salivating over my collection of Optical Illusions.

  • Number of Posts: 331
  • Number of Comments: 362
  • Average visits per day: 3,179
  • Hits in past year: 7,061,469
  • Visits in past year: 681,952
  • Bytes downloaded in past year: 448,313,363
  • url with highest traffic: Myspace’s Failure
  • Nations with the most visits after USA for 2006: Japan Canada Germany United Kingdom Netherlands Australia Brazil France Mexico Poland Italy
  • clustr maps

  • Map of Recent Hits around the World
  • Map of recent hits from Czechoslovakia. No. Really.
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