Liricas Analas: ??Siemis??

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Swiss wiggers rapping in Rumantsch (a rare Swiss language) in an exclusive Swiss day spa your day has come!

From the video’s description:

For the swiss hip hop act Liricas Analas we produced the track Siemis. They rap in the fourth language of Switzerland Р«Rumantsch» Рonly spoken by few thousand persons in the valleys around Davos and Chur in the swiss alps. Liricas Analas means ass rhymes and Siemis means dreams. The video was shoot in the thermal bath pools in Vals, designed by the famous architect Peter Zumthor. The magic atmosphere in this location made it easy for director Patrick Julier and his D.O.P. Henry Maurer to capture great images.

For more videos, check here.

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