iPhone is Well-Engineered Hype

Hypnosis through Design

But It’s so sexy guys

I’ve recently become a bit tired of all the hoohaa hotdamn hotcakin’ over Apple’s iPhone. It truly does not deserve it. What Apple has mastered is design. That is it. The phone’s features are poor, it’s price tag is three times its estimated cost to build [$245 to build, and $599 to buy with 2 year contract] and it is a crippled internet device. It’s fun to put its slick user interface up on a pedestal, but at the end of a day it is a Ipod with a ‘service activation fee required’ phone attached. Venture IT dude Michael Robertson (CEO of Linspire) had this to say about the iPhone’s features:

To change tunes or videos requires a PC a USB cable and iTunes software. (Yes, you read this right. Surprised you didn’t see this in any of the press accounts?) This misses the entire benefit of a wireless device. You might as well tape an iPod to your existing phone because that’s all the iPhone is.

And it doesn’t seem that Apple is completely forthcoming about the phone’s internet capabilities.

While iPhone promos tout WiFi, I’d contend they don’t support WiFi, but “wiff” a partial implementation popular by companies trying to lock consumers in. Wiff companies either limit what hotspots you can connect to as Earthlink’s does in their ridiculous VOIP phone, or they limit what you can use the WiFi for, as Apple does.

Not a Smart Phone

The smart phone the industry needs now is an open source tablet that allows unrestricted WiFi and everything that comes with it: Free Internet Phones, non-Digital Rights Management music downloads. When entering a Wifi enabled zone, the user should be able to use their SipPhone through Project Gizmo or their own PBX services. Calling the iPhone a smart phone is slightly accurate if you look at its navigation features. But even that cannot be called revolutionary. The iPhone will likely be popular among the jetset Apple junkies.

What if you want to download an MP3 to your ipod? Nope. Streaming Mp3s from your own webserver? I doubt it.

Time to Move to Japan

Now Here’s a real phone my brethren. Japan wins again.

Streaming Digital Video. Mayan Calendar at No Extra Cost
The w44s Bravia by Ericsson
W44S Bravia.

Here’s Steve Ballmer, for once not screaming about developers:


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