O’Reilly, Colbert, Stewart: Triple Threat Kabooom

There’s something wholly magical about the Colbert+Stewart vs. O’Reilly interviews battles. After watching them, you really get the feeling that both sides are speaking different languages. When these personalities and ideals clash, it’s like seeing apple’s being thrown at oranges in an epic battle. The fruits of their arguments just vaporize on contact. Without revealing who I’m rooting for, let me just say this: Why is there no conservative comedy news show? Why are the top political blogs overwhelmingly left-leaning? Anyways… here they are:

Jon Stewart Interviews Bill O’Reilly

Stephen Cobert on the O’Reilly Factor

O’Reilly Visits the Colbert Nation

And a much older interview: Stewart on the O’Reilly Show

Want more?

For continued excitement, check out O’Reilly’s log of ridiculous on-air comments (courtesy of MediaMatters.org). You’ll find headlines like: “O’Reilly promised to “bring horror” to alleged “anti-Christian forces” who oppose Christmas” [link] and “Is there a 50 Cent that we have to put up” for Kwanzaa?” [link]

More Fun! Michael Moore on O’Reilly Factor

part II

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