Bamboo Bicycles

Yep. It’s made of bamboo. Found here.

As I park the bamboo bicycle in front of the Shop in order to have a black currant juice it feels almost as if I am dismounting a Harley right next to a caf?© – several people come over to touch the frame and to check out how the bike is made.

“Where have you got that from?‚Äù they ask, here in the Paradise of Bicycles, the almost car-free town in the middle of Copenhagen.

So where have I got it from? – Well, from The Smithy next to The Grey Hall. The Smithy of Christiania has for the last 30 years been a furnace of innovation on the bicycle front. First came the Dursly-Pedersen bicycle whose rider feels like he is in a camels saddle. Then came the bicycle trailer, which became car free families way of transporting groceries on holidays and on weekdays, and at the moment The Smithy sells carrier bicycles for the transportation of children and many an odd purpose. And now the bamboo bicycle is being introduced.

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