Matthew Barney comments on a trailer for ‘Drawing Restraint 9’

This trailer contains director commentary, and some input from Bj??rk, Blarney’s wife.

Below is a trailer without the helpful commentary.
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Max Headroom hijacked da tube

On november 22, 1987 a mysterious signal pirate hijacked WTTW Chicago for a few brief moments during a Dr. Who Episode. This kind of thing fascinates me, as does everything from the folks at For the full article, go here. Here’s the video:

Damninteresting routinely delivers articles that are damn interesting. Like the flying tank built by the Germans:

The Edge Newsletter

For you science types, may I recommend ‘the Edge‘–the home of the ‘World Question Center.’ It’s a group I’ve very recently become aware of. It’s like a newsletter–a large hypertext document that chronicles social/scientific trends. Each year a topic is presented, and scientists and thinkers are encouraged to respond to the topic in an essay. This year, the question was ‘What are you optimistic about.’ The first writer is Daniel C. Dennett who is optimistic for ‘The Evaporation of the Powerful Mystique of Religion.’
Why and how will it evaporate?

Recall that only fifty years ago smoking was a high status activity and it was considered rude to ask somebody to stop smoking in one’s presence. Today we’ve learned that we shouldn’t make the mistake of trying to prohibit smoking altogether, and so we still have plenty of cigarettes and smokers, but we have certainly contained the noxious aspects within quite acceptable boundaries. Smoking is no longer cool, and the day will come when religion is, first, a take-it-or-leave-it choice, and later: no longer cool–except in its socially valuable forms, where it will be one type of allegiance among many. Will those descendant institutions still be religions? Or will religions have thereby morphed themselves into extinction? It all depends on what you think the key or defining elements of religion are. Are dinosaurs extinct, or do their lineages live on as birds?

Why am I confident that this will happen? Mainly because of the asymmetry in the information explosion. With the worldwide spread of information technology (not just the internet, but cell phones and portable radios and television), it is no longer feasible for guardians of religious traditions to protect their young from exposure to the kinds of facts (and, yes, of course, misinformation and junk of every genre) that gently, irresistibly undermine the mindsets requisite for religious fanaticism and intolerance. The religious fervor of today is a last, desperate attempt by our generation to block the eyes and ears of the coming generations, and it isn’t working. For every well-publicized victory–the inundation of the Bush administration with evangelicals, the growing number of home schoolers in the USA, the rise of radical Islam, the much exaggerated “rebound” of religion in Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union, to take the most obvious cases–there are many less dramatic defeats, as young people quietly walk away from the faith of their parents and grandparents. That trend will continue, especially when young people come to know how many of their peers are making this low-profile choice. Around the world, the category of “not religious” is growing faster than the Mormons, faster than the evangelicals, faster even than Islam, whose growth is due almost entirely to fecundity, not conversion, and is bound to level off soon.

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Popcombat’s Top 50 Music Videos of all Time

Popcombat is one of the many blog I wish I could read in my native language. Props to them for choosing 50 great music videos from 2006.
Here’s their intro:

Po nƒõkolika dnech usilovn?© pr?°ce v?°m p?ôedkl?°d?°m v??bƒõr pades?°ti nejlep?°??ch klip?Ø za rok 2006. V??bƒõr je ƒçistƒõ m?Øj subjektivn??, proto budu r?°d, kdy?æ zaujmete vlastn?? stanovisko a p?ôid?°te svoje tipy.

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Tim and the great beyond

Hey guys. It’s been a while since you’ve heard Tim speak, but here’s his latest. In his third interview, I ask him about his deepest darkest secret (Hint: It has something to do with the world splitting between the peaceful and the hateful) and he also talks about other things too.
You might be wondering why this is here. I guess you can see it as a character feature. I feature him and his words as a sort of archive of humanity. Not in the circus tent sense, but as an archive of human realism. Tim’s honest, and a video of Tim being Tim is just what the world needs more of.
The video is extremely dark, but it captures the subject matter in an appropriately dark directorial style.
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