Oscartorrents – Steal and Vote the Swedish way

Oscartorrents.com has launched. As you may guess, it’s a place to download films nominated for Oscars. From the site:

OscarTorrents is the Oscars as it should be — everyone can download the year’s nominations using the popular BitTorrent service, watch the movies, then use our rating system to choose their favourites. Why restrict the voting to a few bought-off jurors when the whole world can have their say?

I’m most happy to see the short films–pieces for which there’s no common real-world venue. Some are posted on Youtube or Google Video (the same thing now I guess)
If this doesn’t seriously piss off the MPAA then I don’t know what will. I remember reading that if thepiratebay.org (the largest torrent site in the world) is ever shut down, users will be instantaneously reverted to a mirrored server. Translation: If the cops confiscate the servers in Sweden, it will be reverted to servers in Latvia. Thank God.

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